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Welcome to our Cubacar Varadero web site, usually known as Renta Varadero, from now on TRANSTUR, S.A., with social address at Calle 1ra Ave. esquina 31, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba, run by the Grupo Empresarial de Transporte Turístico TRANSTUR, S.A., Cuban mercantil society , usually known as TRANSTUR, S.A., with social address at Calle 19 # 210, entre K y J, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba, constituted by the Notarial Act No. 140 on December  8  2004 and registered at the Registro Mercantil Central registred in Ministerio de Justicia de la República de Cuba, at Tomo No. XIII, Folio No. 180, Hoja No. 008, first inscription.

Read carefully our Use Conditions (Terms) before keep going on this web site. This web site and the information on it, is controlled by TRANSTUR, S.A.Republic of Cuba.TO OBTAIN ADITIONAL INFORMATION READ THE PRIVATE NORMS OF OUR WEB SITE.  These terms will rule the Web Site and will apply to all the internet users who visit our web site. The user will accept these terms when visiting the site. The main goal of these terms is to protect all of our users of our web site and by using the site the acceptance of the terms will be assumed by the user, do not change this web site, TRANSTUR, S.A., reserves the right, to its own discretion, of modify, change or update these terms at any time. This modification will be effective right after they are announced. When using the Web Site after the announcement of the alterations or updates the user accepts the new revised Terms.

Any person can access this service freely and free. The user declares to know and accept these terms as necessary to make the reservation of the vehicle through this Web Site.

These General Conditions are ruled by the Cuban legislation that will apply to interpreter, validate and execute them. To solve any controversy that might come in the interpretation and or execution of the present General Conditions, both sides will first negotiate and in the case of no agreement then the case will be taken to the competent court in the Cuban Republic territory.

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Responsibility exemption

The user knows and accepts that TRANSTUR, S.A., will not be responsible for damages occurred while:


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Commercial brands and restrictions

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The user will guaranty TRANSTUR, S.A,as a condition to use this web site, that the site will not be used on any illegal or forbidden purpose as per stated on this Terms, including but not limited to sending or transmitting any threatening, insulting, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or profane material. Your authorization to use our web site will be immediately declined without previous notice should you violate any of these Terms.

TRANSTUR, S.A., reserves the right to deny, to its discretion, access to any person for any reason including the violation of these Terms. The user should not use on its web site brand marks, service brands or materials with author´s rights contained on this web site including but not limited to logos or characters, without written authorization of the brand owner or the author’s right. It is not allow faking or incorporating the content of this web site on any other web site without the written authorization of TRANSTUR. S.A


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Guaranty and civil responsibility

The content on this web site is provided (as stated) without any implicit or explicit guaranty. Apart from the implicit guaranty as per the Cuban legislation applicable to theseTerms, which cannot be, exclude, restricted or modified. TRANSTUR. S.A, does not acknowledge any guaranty explicit or implicit including the implicit commercial guaranties and capacity for a specific purpose.

Not TRANSTUR, S.A., or its providers or people involve in the creation, production and distribution of this web site guaranty that the contented functions on this web site will be uninterrupted or free of mistakes, that defects will be corrected or that the server is clean for virus or other harmful components. The content to which the user has access on this web site is provided only for its own convenience and information. TRANSTUR, S.A., does not guaranty or makes representations related to the results that might be obtained by using this web site or with the civil responsibility, precision or update of any content, service and or merchandise acquired by using this web site.

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As example, without limiting the stated previously, TRANSTUR, S.A and the persons and entities related, will not be responsible of claims or damages caused by mistakes, omission, elimination, defect, delay on the operation, computers viruses, steal, destruction, non-authorized access or alteration of personal records or the use of data, information, opinions or other materials that might appear on this web site.

The user accepts that TRANSTUR, not responsible of slanderous conduct, offensive or illegal of others or third companies.


The user accepts to indemnify, defend and release TRANSTUR, S.A its associates, management, employees, agents and conceders for the lost, senses, damages and costs including reasonable lawyer’s salary derivated from any violation of these Terms


There are no rights on these Terms for third members. These Terms entitled TRANSTUR, S.A., its associates, management, employees, affiliates, agents, conceders and providers. This individuals or entities have the right to accomplish directly these terms on its own name.


Dispositions and conditions of these Terms and any obligation that might be referred represent the total agreement between TRANSTUR, S.A and the user of this web site, denies, and does not acknowledge any other agreement, or prior compromise not included here. In the case of inconsistencies between these Terms and use conditions or future published compromises the last Terms or last published conditions will remain.


By using this web site, the user declares acceptance of this Terms and Conditions.

  1. The user is free to use this web site and facilities offered on it, personalized or not under the Terms expressed hereby.
  2. To start the service, TRANSTUR, S.A. guaranties the booked vehicle category not a brand or model. Brands and models are subject to availability on the moment of getting the vehicle.
  3. The booking Holder is the only person that can perform as the Holder on the Contract.  This contract is signed by both parts when starting the service. The holder most present its identity documents and comply with the mandatory requisites requested by TRANSTUR, S.A. to drive the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle renting will be subject to the standard general conditions on the TRANSTUR, S.A. Contract valid at day and time of getting the vehicle.
  5. To start the servicethe presence of the Holder is needed at the TRANSTUR, S.A. sales office where the booking was confirmed. To include any additional driver, the person must be also present at the sales offices and present its documents.
  6. TRANSTUR, S.A requirements to drive the vehicle:
  1. Be 21 years old or older.
  2. Present a valid driving license for the vehicle that has booked with at least two (2) years of experience. The payment made on the web site is only to be used for the requested and confirmed booking. Payment confirmation on the web site cannot be transferred to any other service or person other than the Holder.
  1. When making the booking the User authorizes TRANSTUR, S.A to debit the user´s card with the amount indicated on the booking through the operator decided byTRANSTUR, S.A.
  2. In case of a reimbursement, this will be made to the same credit card used to make the payment, being effective 10 days after being communicated to the User.
  3. Booking confirmation will be emitted once the payment has being completely done.
  4. When paying through this Web Site, the User will be paying rent and insurance for the total of days of the bookingplus the airport taxes in case the vehicle islocated at a TRANSTUR, S.A sales office at the airport. 
  5. TRANSTUR, S.A. prices are expressed on the currency showed on this Web Site and payment and devolution will be handle in Euros. If prices are expressed in Cuban currency, TRANSTUR, S.A will use a rate of its choice taking the valid Cuban rate for Tourism industry. 
  6. Fuel and drop-off service: in case vehicle is not returned at the same territory  payments are to be made at the  TRANSTUR, S.A. sales officefor returning the vehicle as well for gas service.
  7. All payments not included on the booking through the website are to be paid directly at the TRANSTUR, S.A Sales office when getting the service.
  8. Modification on the booking may affect the cost of the requested service and as consequence it may required an extra payment or reimbursement. These changes will need tobe done at least three (3) days prior to the service date.
  9. Modifications on confirmed bookings will depend on the following restrictions:
  1. If a booking change and prices are higher than the paid service, difference will apply as per actual TRANSTUR, S.A rates, payment must be done at modification time.
  2. If the cost of the modified booking is lower than the cost initially paid, difference will be reimbursed to the User.
  1. Cancelation of bookings done through the website will be considered valid on the date and time in which it is registered at the TRANSTUR S.A. reservations system  
  2. The User may cancel the booking 72 hours prior to the service in which case a total reimbursement will apply excluding a charge of a 5% of the total payment.
  3. If cancellation occurs within the 72 hours prior to the service date there will be a fee in favor of TRANSTUR, S.A of the price of a whole day that will be deducted from the initial payment when making the reimbursement.
  4. If the service is cancelled due to no presentation of the User in the first 24 hours of the contract or by the User decisions when presenting himself at the TRANSTUR, S.A sales Office a fee in favor of TRANSTUR, S.A. will apply equivalent to a whole day and will be deducted from the payment when doing the reimbursement.
  5. The insurance or exempt of responsibility offered by TRANSTUR, S.A.releasesthe Userfrom economical responsibility for damages to the vehicle or accidents as well as affectations to properties or physical integration of third persons. In all cases, the User must present the document emitted by the police.
  6. The User will lose the insurance or exempt of responsibility and will pay for all damages when:
  1. Allow non-authorized persons to drive the car (persons not included in the contracts)
  2. Drive under the effects of alcohol, drugs, medications, etc, when driving capacity can be proved is at a down level.
  3. Transport people or things with a lucrative meaning, flammable materials, explosives or using the vehicle with non-legal meanings.
  4. When causing intentional damaging to the car and/or circulate with overweight of passengers.
  5. When damaged is due to drive outside the national roads.
  6. Pulling another car, get involved in car racings
  7. Robbery of tires and/or audio recorder.
  8. Other situations that qualify as Cause to the Exclusion from the Insurance policy agreed between the Company and the National Insurance Company.
  1. The renting days are considered in periods of 24 hours from the time of picking the vehicle. Charges for extra days will apply when keeping the TRANSTUR, S.A. vehicle longer than established in the contract, a full day will be considered after 3 hours delayed from the original devolution time and will be made as per the valid rates.
  2. Extra payments originated at the time of getting the vehicle will apply as per the valid public rate.
  3. If the User of this website had violated the Cuban laws oris considered by TRANSTUR, S.A as Non Grato services will not be provided even if the User booked and paid through this website.

If a TRANSTUR, S.A. Non Grato User books, pays, and presents himself at the TRANSTUR, S.A. sales office to enjoy the booked and paid service this will be denied and a reimbursement will occur.

Insurance or Exempt of Responsibility

1- Charges for Exempt of responsibility is mandatory and will be paid independently of renting charges.

2- Payment of these charges releases clients for damages or lose of the vehicle and protects against
 - Total or partial subtraction of the vehicle and/or its accessories.
- Fire.
- Collision, turndowns or car cover.
-  Accidents.
- Natural forces.
- Damages to private property or injuring to third persons.
We consider third persons to all those people who are different from the person in charge of the contract or the additional driver when this last one is driving the vehicle. Protects and covers all persons in the vehicle or out of it except for the just mentioned ones.

3- The exempt of responsibility will take effect only if the user complies each of the clauses of the renting contract

4- If any event covered by the exempt of responsibility contract occurs, the user will proceed as follows:
- Guarantee the presence of the PNR at the place.
- Report it immediately to the closest CUBACAR Sales Office or to the National Operations Group at the numbers: (07-553995/ 55-3996) reflected on the contract.
- Should the user want to change the car, finish the actual contract or prorogate it please present the following documents at the sales offices:

  1. PNR report and/or TRANSTUR investigator report or both, proving responsibility on damages occurred to the vehicle in case of accident or other damages.
  2. Receipt of PNR report in case of subtractions.

5- To determine responsibility on damages to the vehicle in case of accidents or others the following will be taken into consideration:

- Mandatory participation of a Group inspector in case of heavy or catastrophic accidents.
- In other cases, participation of the group inspector when rational and feasible.
- Feasible PNR participation should always be requested.

6- When proven User’s responsibility by the documents expressed before (PNR, Inspector or both) the user will pay up to the deductible expressed in the renting contract.
7- When no responsibility proven on damages occurred by accidents, subtraction of the vehicle or its accessories the user will not pay.

This is also valid for wheels, ventilates or other accessories that will be treated as the rest of damages or lost.

8- The exempt of responsibility will not cover the user when acting negligently or violating the actual legal dispositions, likewise, when not respecting the contract when it referrers among other things to:

- Driving under the effects of alcohol or other psychotropic substances.
- Driving the vehicle by a non-authorized driver who is not present in the contract.
- Driving overloaded with passengers.
- Leaving the vehicle in public areas without proper attention.
- Drug dealing, black market or other illegal activities.

9- The exempt of responsibility offered by the company is valid up to twelve 12 hours after the time expressed in the contract.

10- When the User or the additional driver in the contract is proven responsibility he/she will assume proper penalty and the total cost of all damages caused to the vehicle and /or foreigner property, which will be paid at the sales office.