Suggestions to the driver
Keep all traffic regulations in mind.

Some roads don´t have enough traffic signs or may have potholes or other problems. Drive carefully.

Highways may be poorly lit, and stray animals may wander across them.

Be aware that the traffic lights can be very hard to see during the day. In the night, a flashing red light means full stop, and flashing yellow means you should be aware. Most traffic lights in Cuba are located just after intersections.

You have to make a full stop at all pedestrian areas even though you don´t see other traffic.

You have to make a full stop at all railroads crossings and look for traffic in both directions before proceeding.

CUBACAR requires that you use only fuel especial from Oro Negro or Cupet. Failing to comply with this can resolve in engine break down and loss of insurance coverage.

In some intersections you are allowed to make right turns at red lights. The traffic light will have a sign saying Derecha con luz roja. In some T – intersections you are allowed to proceed forward at a red light in the rightmost lane.

Don´t drive if you are tired or have consumed alcoholic beverages. Remember that driving at high speeds increases the risk of accidents.